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The semic-nomadic Mentawi of Siberut

Impressions of the life of the Mentawi on the island of Siberut in Indonesia

In a Penan village

Watch how the Penan pursue their daily activities in the village! (language: German)

Collecting firewood with the Penan

Observe how Penan headman Kayan from the village of Long Adang is collecting firewood in the forest (language: German).

On the river with the Penan

Follow the Penan on their daily activities around the river: Watch them fishing and jump onto their boat! (Language: German)

Leonardo DiCaprio urged to repay donations to Malaysian rainforest fund
Why was Bruno Manser important for the environmental movement?

Ian Mackanzie, linguist and author of the Penan dictionary, talks about Bruno Manser's lasting impact on the global environmental movement.

Who was Bruno Manser?

Roger Graf, cofounder of the Bruno Manser Fund, talks about Bruno Manser. (Language: German)

Penan hut construction "Suai Lamin"

Watch how the Penan build a hut for the night from scratch! (Language: German)

Borneo gibbon singing

The rainforests of the Upper Baram are one place where the endangered Borneo gibbon can still live undisturbed. This recording of its singing was made on the Kulat Buang mountain, between the Penan villages of Ba Lai and Long Sabai, in the region of the Penan Peace Park.

Save Sarawak. Stop the Dams

The indigenous peoples of Sarawak are standing up to the threat to their habitat and culture posed by a series of mega dams. Linus Chung accompanied them in their protest actions to make this documentary and spoke with those affected. (language: English)