Protection of the Mulu rainforest

Protection of the Mulu rainforest

Oil palm plantations are spreading in Malaysia at an incredible rate at the expense of the rainforest! This is contrary to the Malaysian government's promise to curb rainforest destruction for palm oil. Sarawak's only UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site is also threatened by oil palm plantations. In the immediate vicinity of the Malaysian Mulu National Park, an area of 4400 hectares threatens to be converted into palm oil monocultures. The affected indigenous Berawan and Penan people have not been consulted. They reject the planned oil palm plantation as it will destroy their forests and livelihoods.

Fortunately, with the support of the Bruno Manser Fonds, the affected communities of the Berawan and Penan were able to stop the deforestation of their Mulu forest! In addition, a land rights lawsuit was filed against the responsible palm oil company. The fight is not over yet, but we are confident that we can prevent the deforestation in the Mulu area and that the affected communities, who have lived in the area for generations, will finally get their right to land!

With the petition, we continue to call for a moratorium on new oil palm plantations and for an immediate halt to logging in the Mulu National Park region.

Visit our campaign website for further details and video material!

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