Stop the Swiss coal mine in the rainforest!

Stop the Swiss coal mine in the rainforest!

PT Borneo Prima is exploiting coal deposits in the heart of Borneo at the expense of the rainforest and against the resistance of the indigenous people. The Zug-based commodities company IMR Holding AG is involved, and 150 km2 of rainforest will end up being destroyed if we don’t act now!

Since 2019, a coal mine has been under construction in the "Heart of Borneo", an region on Borneo that is biologically extremely diverse and worthy of protection. The mine is being set up at the expense of the rainforest, its inhabitants and, ultimately, the climate. Huge holes are gaping in the ground and mountains of coal are piling up where majestic trees used to throne over the rainforest and gibbons filled the treetops with their chatter This single mine emits 2.3 million tons of CO2 per year. That is more than the CO2 emissions of the city of Zurich.

The coal mine is owned by the Zug-based commodies company IMR Holding AG The company holds 49% of the shares. The IMR Group uses the coal from the rainforest within the group for producing steel.

Upon request, IMR claims that compliance with environmental protection regulations, the protection of the population and the prevention of corruption are among its most important concerns. In terms of content, however, IMR refuses to provide any information on the situation on the ground and writes: "We will not have any further correspondence with you".

The Bruno Manser Fonds strictly rejects coal mining in rainforest areas. Companies like the IMR Group must stop participating in the destruction of the rainforest.

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