Youth work

Youth work

With the youth project, the BMF responds to the specific needs of different age groups and has been providing various materials since 2015.


Teaching materials for schools

The Borneo Case - Bruno Manser lives on
The documentary deals with the legacy of environmental activist Bruno Manser - for even more than 15 years after his mysterious disappearance in the jungles of Borneo, his concern has not lost any of its relevance. He tells of the new strategy in the fight against deforestation and the marginalisation of the indigenous Penan. Lukas Straumann of the Bruno Manser Fonds from Basel, Mutang Urud, friend and former comrade-in-arms, and investigative journalist Clare Rewcastle from London joined forces. During their investigations into illegal logging in Sarawak, they came across a global corruption network ranging from the Malaysian government elite to Swiss banks. With persistent commitment and unusual methods, they achieve successes for the benefit of the Penan and their threatened territory.

The accompanying didactic material is designed as a supplement to the film, offering teachers suggestions on how to evaluate and intensify the film in class. It can be used in modules and contains supplementary background information, didactic impulses and worksheets.

Project ideas for the Pfadi

In 2015, the BMF started a cooperation on youth work with the Pfadi.

The idea and claim of the project are to bring the contents and topics of the BMF into the valuable youth work of Pfadi and to create stronger awareness for the complex topic of the rainforest.

The rainforest dossiers offer a suitable programme for each of the five age groups in the Pfadi, which can be implemented easily and without much preparation with the children or young people.

For each level, there is a folder with age-appropriate game ideas, activities and background information on both the rainforest and the way of life and situation of the Penan.

While the younger age groups go into the adventurous rainforest, the topics about mapping and land rights cases as well as indigenous culture become more challenging for Scouts and Pios. Finally, the rovers deal with the complex of issues of environmental destruction and corruption.

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