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Save Sarawak. Stop the Dams

The indigenous peoples of Sarawak are standing up to the threat to their habitat and culture posed by a series of mega dams. Linus Chung accompanied them in their protest actions to make this documentary and spoke with those affected. (language: English)

Bruno Manser - Fasting for the rainforest

Bruno Manser aimed at reaching an import ban on tropical timber with his 60-day hunger strike in front of the Swiss federal parliament building in Berne in 1993. The filmmakers Clara Puhlmann und Roman Stocker talked to the participants in this short documentary. (Languages: German/French)

The palm oil scandal

Join filmmaker Le Grand JD on his journey to Sarawak, where he witnesses the destruction of the rainforest with his own eyes. A touching report that demonstrates the importance of the work of the Bruno Manser Fonds.
It is in French with optional English subtitles.

Penan Community Mapping: Putting the Penan on the map

The Bruno Manser Fund has worked with the Penan for 15 years to map their primeval forest. The aim is to enforce the Penan's land claims in court.