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The library
The Bruno Manser Fund's library contains some 1500 works of reference, more than 500 of which dealing with environmental and land-rights issues in Malaysia und Borneo. After many years were spent building up the collection, it is now the world’s leading library focused on rainforests, indigenous peoples and land rights in Malaysia and Borneo.

History of the library

The Bruno Manser Fund's library was established in 1991, shortly after the association itself, initially from Bruno Manser's own private collection. In its early years, it set out to fulfil an ambitious target, namely an attempt to cover the subjects of environment, forests, human rights and indigenous peoples globally.

Today’s focus

Since 2008, the library has been concentrating on the subjects of the tropical forest and indigenous peoples in Borneo and West Malaysia and also Malaysian politics. Along with other matters, its focus is on publications dealing with the land-rights issue, the environmental consequences of industrial-scale plantations and corruption phenomena.

Access to the library

The Bruno Manser Fund's library is located in the association’s office building in Basel and is publicly accessible. Library visitors are requested to inform the association’s office beforehand. Its stocks are for consultation on the spot only. It is not possible to borrow books.

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