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Bruno Manser's traces were lost in the jungle of Borneo in 2000. On March 5th 2005, the Basel environmental activist was officially declared missing. He had pointed out injustice in innumerable actions and had campaigned for the protection of the Penan and the preservation of their habitat.

The Bruno Manser Fund is his legacy. It helped Bruno Manser to guarantee that the work he had begun would continue in his spirit. For 25 years now, the Bruno Manser Fund has been successfully committed to protecting the primeval forest and the rights of the Penan people. This mission is possible because Bruno Manser made sure that his vision of a more just world would continue after his death. And it is possible because you as a donor share this vision with Bruno Manser.

Help us carry Bruno Manser's legacy. Benefit from the Bruno Manser Fund in your will with a legacy or inheritance. With this, you support the successful continuation of Bruno Manser's work.

Would you like to know more about legacies and inheritance? Contact Dany Demuth, our inheritance officer, without obligation. He will be happy to advise you.


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