Keep our products deforestation-free!

Keep our products deforestation-free!

Palm oil, soya, cocoa etc. are also imported into Switzerland if rainforests have been destroyed to grow them and are found in chocolate, paper and detergents. This petition aims to change this. The EU is already changing this by means of a regulation, but Switzerland is unfortunately still lagging behind. Sign the petition and join us in calling for an import ban on hidden deforestation

Tropical rainforests are under pressure worldwide. In the last thirty years, 420 million hectares of forest have been cut down - an area the size of the European Union. Every minute, another 11 football pitches of primary rainforest disappear. Agricultural monocultures such as palm oil, soya and timber plantations as well as livestock farming are responsible for 90% of the destruction of the rainforest. Switzerland benefits directly from raw materials and products that originate from imported deforestation.

The central role of forests for biodiversity, the climate and the lives of a third of the world's population is recognised worldwide. In Glasgow, the heads of state and government of 145 countries committed themselves to halting the loss of forests by the end of 2030. Instead of continuously reducing the loss of primary forests to achieve this

to achieve this goal, the trend is heading in the wrong direction. While the EU is getting serious with a regulation for deforestation-free supply chains, Switzerland is not taking its responsibility seriously.

With this petition, the Bruno Manser Fund is therefore calling for a corresponding ordinance for Switzerland that bans the import of products that are responsible for ongoing deforestation.

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