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Sign now - save Europe's last primeval forest!

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Sign now - save Europe's last primeval forest!

To Minister of the Environment Jan Szyszko, Republic of Poland

Dear Mr. Szyszko,

I am very concerned about the increasing amount of logging taking place in the UNESCO-protected Bialowieza forest.

As a world natural heritage site and a habitat for European bisons, elks, three-toed woodpeckers and many other threatened animal and plant species, Bialowieza has enjoyed UNESCO World Natural Heritage status since 1979 already and is a symbol of significance for the whole of Europe.

Please ensure that Europe's last lowland primeval forest is placed under complete protection and that the logging is stopped. The entire Bialowieza forest should be declared a national park and a stop put to all timber logging.

Please act without delay, because the woodcutters are rapidly penetrating ever deeper into the primeval forest!

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